Our Philanthropy



Our Philanthropy

We thought it only fitting that we give back to a worthwhile cause. Therefore, we have selected the Testicular Cancer Foundation as the recipient of our donations – which actually come from you! We’re making a donation for every single tie we sell to help promote awareness and early detection of testicular cancer. Since the bow tie is typically a singularly manly type of thing, we thought it was appropriate that cancer of the balls (also typically a man-related thing) should be our philanthropic focus.

About it. Testicular cancer can develop in young and older men. It is highly treatable and usually curable type of cancer. BUT, early detection is KEY. There are no known risk factors and the only way to detect it is to TOUCH YOUR BALLS. So just do it. Don’t be scared. It’s okay to like it. But just do it. That’s the most important part. And if there’s something there, go get it checked out. Because the likelihood is everything will be fine in the end. Remember, early detection is most important for a ton more information about this stuff, go to the Testicular Cancer Foundation here:


– Shower Card
– Keep Calm and Check Your Balls Poster
– Testicular Cancer Foundation Man Up Poster