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Ordering a Large Number of Ties for your Company, Group or Organization?

Businesses and organizations often find themselves in need of a large order of custom bow ties or neckties. We suggest you inject something new and exciting into your brand by replacing the common necktie with your own custom men’s bow ties!

Everyone from corporations and non-profit organizations to schools, choirs, and fraternities have found Rock My Bow Tie as an ideal source for medium to large quantities of our trendy custom bow ties. We also provide bulk quantities of bow ties to restaurants, casinos, clubs, and government agencies, domestic and foreign. Rock My Bow Tie offers quality men’s bow ties for sale at a competitive price.

Using your logo, design and/or organization colors, everything is designed from scratch by our talented design staff, so there are no limitations other than your own imagination.

Ties are available in silk, cotton, or polyester. We can even have custom labels made for you too.


  • Send us the artwork/logo and your color choices. If you need help, we can certainly help design your men’s tie for you.
  • In about 1 week, we will email a picture of the design or swatch for your approval. We will design up to 2 designs as part of your fee.
  • About 4 weeks after your approval, the custom ties will be ready and we will send them to you.

For custom woven ties, our minimum order is just 50 ties. We price our custom ties affordably at prices lower than our in-stock ties and offer price discounts depending on the number of custom ties you purchase. The more bow ties you buy, the lower the cost!

There is also a one-time design/set-up fee of $50 to get started. Throw in a nominal shipping amount, and you’re all set to create a positive and memorable impression for your company or group.

We have no hidden fees or charges.

You won’t find better pricing for custom-made men’s bow ties anywhere! 

If you have any questions, email us at info@rockmybowtie.com or call us 317.440.1898.

Rock My Bow Tie offers quality men’s bow ties for sale at a competitive price.

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