Vintage Plaid - Navy/Brown

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One of the few bow ties we carry with hints of brown color. This tie has subtle and clever appeal with a mix of blues and bronze. This vintage plaid tie offers an array of colors to mix and match. With so many handsome and unique hues to pull from, this collection is a fashionista’s playground. Rock My Bow Tie offers a wide variety of stylish bow ties for men that will surely enhance any individuals overall sense of fashion. Whether you are searching for our traditional bow ties, custom bow ties, or even some wedding bow ties, we can satisfy the bow tie aficionado inside everyone. Looking to learn how to tie a bow tie? It’s a simple click away and on our “Rock It Well” page and in no time you will be carving up the cleanest knot you’ve ever seen. Feel free to explore the hundreds of bow ties we have to offer because there’s a bow tie out there for everyone, it’s up to you which one you make your own