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Rockmybowtie Review: Bow Tie Aficionado

A couple of weeks ago, Cris at Rock My Bow Tie contacted me. As always, I was intrigued and am always willing to review ties. Upon reviewing the site, I saw that there were many options to pick from, and so I decided to see if Cris was willing to pick a tie out using the photos on my Twitter account as a reference. To my pleasant surprise, I got a package with not just one but three bow ties — the Orange/Navy Vintage Plaid, Paisley with Crimson and Periwinkle, and the Dapper Dot (a Diamond Point) — with a fun note referencing my color palette. wpid-20150409_165618-e1429066676695-169x300 I get great responses when I wear them. In fact, people really like the Orange/Navy Vintage Plaid tie. I even got several “nice bow tie” comments on my social media channels in addition to likes, favorites, +1s, and reposts. One of my favorite aspects of this tie is its thickness and cotton fabric; these factors make it easy to tie and form a good looking knot that holds its shape. In fact, while in a locker room when I was changing back into my nice clothes, I had an audience when putting the tie back on in the mirror. No pressure — even after a guy asking me about my bow tie tying prowess… Either way, the tie made me look good as I was able to easily and quickly tie it in a nice knot without much fuss. So, you definitely need to check out the collection. There’s also The Bow Tie Club, which has a variety of subscription levels that vary in price and frequency of when one gets a new tie. Due to my experience with Cris picking out ties for me, I have faith in their skill in selecting ties for club members. Bow Ties for Good Rock My Bow Tie Testicular Cancer Instructions Rock My Bow Tie Testicular Cancer Instructions Like other organizations, Rock My Bow Tie conducts philanthropy by donating a portion of its sales to the Testicular Cancer Foundation(TCF). TCF is an organization that raises awareness and educates men about Testicular Cancer “[s]ince the bow tie is typically a singularly manly type of thing, we thought it was appropriate that cancer of the balls (also typically a man-related thing) should be our philanthropic focus.” In fact, a nice glossy card with testicular self exam instructions came with the ties. Yeah… Touching one’s balls brings out the immaturity in any healthy, normal male. However, it’s important since people who suffer from this cancer have viable treatment options — especially if it is detected early on. Read the original review on Bow Tie Aficionado's site, found here.  

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