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What You Can Learn from a Hollywood Stylist

1. No belts with suits. "It adds bulk." 2. Don't buy your suit too big. "If you're too comfortable in a suit, it probably doesn't fit." 3. Not too tight, either. "Especially in the crotch." 4. You should be able to fit two fingers under your shirt collar. "If you can fit more, it's too big." 5. You can mix prints if they're in the same color family. "You can get away with a lot this way." 6. When dressing down, you can't go wrong with raw, unwashed denim. 7. T-shirts should be white or gray and not overly long. (Brando in Streetcar.) 8. Crewneck T-shirt instead of V-neck. "Ever see a photo of James Dean in a V-neck?" 9. Never wear graphic T-shirts. 10. Never wear pleated chinos. 11. Consider a shawl-collar sweater. 12. Tortoise frames rather than black for sunglasses. 13. When getting a photo taken, do not put your hands deep in your pockets, and make sure the top button of your suit is buttoned. 14. "Never have more than two buttons of your shirt unbuttoned unless you are a rock star. Never show chest hair unless you're at a salsa bar in Mexico." 15. "Never wear square-toe shoes. Gross." Read the full story, "Leading Mannequins: How a Stylist Dresses Hollywood Stars," here.

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