New Indy company wants guys to wear what?!

The bow tie hasn't exactly had a cool reputation. Guys wear them to weddings — because they're required. Older, dapper men wear them, right? Maybe a dude will whip one out for a fancy party. But do cool, young hip men really wear bow ties? Cris Dorman says they should. The 30-year-old Indianapolis man, along with business partner Weston Sedgwick of Chicago, have launched online company Rock My Bow Tie. The company's motto: "Make the bow tie a common facet of the trendy man's wardrobe." "So many guys say, 'I can't pull off a bow tie,'" said Dorman, who also owns Brandrenew, a marketing and public relations firm Downtown. "It's a misnomer." Bow ties are good for all sorts of fashion. Dorman even suggests one with a casual shirt and pair of jeans. There are certainly plenty to choose from at Rock My Bow Tie, from the spicy iguana to the modern paisley.
Each comes with a little fashion suggestion, such as this with the iguana tie: "Wear this bow tie and the world is your oyster. Dark jeans and a dark jacket will give you the most pop with this unique design." Dorman and Sedgwick design all of the company's ties and fabrics. They average about $25 each. The concept for Rock My Bow Tie was born from the two men's (both bow tie wearers) struggles to find a cool bow tie.
"We seemed to always find the same stereotypical designs and patterns," Dorman said. "We wanted to throw a little bit more color and also not be at that $60 to $70 price." Besides the ready-to-buy tie, Rock My Bow Tie offers custom ties. Add a logo or get a tie in your wedding colors. For now, the company is online only. But Dorman said he is working with a few local retailers to carry his line in their stores. And never fear if you're a guy who just isn't sure how to rock a bow tie. There's a complete tutorial on the company's website. Call Star reporter Dana Hunsinger Benbow at (317) 444-6012. Follow her on Twitter: @danabenbow.


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